Like us, birds enjoy eating a variety of different foods, not just stale bread and seeds. Give them a fresh, fruity banquet with this delightful, wooden apple feeder. No need for chopping or peeling, just stab the rod through the apple to secure, and watch the birdies peck away for hours. Hang in a sheltered spot, preferably hear a window if you are a bird-watching enthusiast, and wait for their fascination to get the better of them. They'll love you for it. (The FSC logo identifies that the wood used does not contribute towards forest destruction, and it is approved by the forest stewardship council.) Please note you will receive one of three designs.

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Gewicht ca.: 0.200 kg

Hoogte: 7 cm

Breedte: 20 cm

Lengte: 20 cm

Merk: Best For Birds (2 producten)

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