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Een mooi teefje saluki, groot, pronken met zijn gezonde, slanke lichaamsbouw Een close up van de korte, zachte vacht en flaporen van een saluki Een GorGeoons bruin en wit saluki met een mooie zachte vacht en flaporen Een gezonde jonge volwassen saluki met een mooie, zachte, bruine en witte vacht Collage Een saluki die pronkt met zijn ongelooflijke, slanke lichaamsbouw en zijn lange, zachte oren Een saluki die zijn kop uit het lange gras steekt Een close up van een saluki's mooie lange neus en zachte oren Een close up van een saluki's ongelooflijk zachte, lichte vacht Een gezonde volwassen saluki rent op volle snelheid over het gras Een mooie, lange saluki wachtend op een commando van zijn baasje Een volwassen saluki die pronkt met zijn prachtige, zachte vacht en slanke bouw Twee saluki's staan samen, geduldig wachtend op een bevel van hun eigenaar Twee gezonde volwassen saluki's elk met een mooie, slanke lichaamsbouw


Salukis date back thousands of years, but their exact country of origin remains a mystery. One possibility is Egypt as mummified remains have been found, buried with Pharaohs. They are classed as Sight Hounds and were bred to spot, chase and kill gazelle and hare across vast areas with their nomadic tribe owners. The breed is incredibly fast and whilst the Greyhound is the fastest over a short distance, Salukis are long distance sprinters and faster overall.


Salukis are an independent breed but gentle and loving around their family. They have a tendency to bond with one owner more closely and can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for too long. They are fine with older children but cannot tolerate rough play from younger ones. They prefer a quiet life and will often retreat to a safe, quiet place if things get too noisy for them. They are reserved with strangers and can be very shy and timid. They require lots of socialisation, not only as puppies, but as adults too. Salukis are fine with cats and other dogs if raised with them, but their prey drive cannot be stopped with small furry creatures such as rabbits and other rodents. They are alert dogs and make good watch dogs, but aren't at all aggressive. When training a Saluki, keep sessions short and positive. They can learn quickly, but usually choose not to. They are independent minded and can be very stubborn. They react best to kind, reward based training. Harsh words/actions will force them to shut down and become more timid. Using play and a variety of training methods will make things easier and produce better results. Forget recall, if they spot something, nothing will bring them back. They will need walking on a lead or in a very safe area. Being born to run, this is a fundamental need for Salukis and they love it. Lure coursing and agility help fulfil this need and excite the dog. They also make good running partners if you can keep up with them. Due to their thin skin and delicate frame, Salukis need extra soft bedding, somewhere warm and comfortable to sleep. They will also need a warm winter jacket when it's cold outside. They will sleep on your bed and sofa and they love to cuddle up to you. Salukis can be picky eaters, but also greedy so make sure that you don't leave anything on the kitchen worktops. They will find a way to get to it.

Salukis have a short silky coat which can be smooth or have feathering on the legs, shoulders and tail. They don't shed that much and only require a weekly brush to remove dead hair. They rarely smell and are good at keeping themselves clean; almost cat like. They are a healthy breed, but are sensitive to anaesthesia. Cardiomyopathy is sometimes seen on the bred.


  • Status: gangbaar
  • Levensverwachting: 12 - 14 jaar
  • Gewicht ca.: 18 - 27 kg
  • Hoogte: 58 - 71 cm
  • Zeldzaam: Nee
  • Vacht: Laag
  • Vachtverzorging: eens per week
  • Stad of land: Land
  • Minimale woonoppervlakte: groot huis
  • Minimale tuinoppervlakte: grote tuin
  • Rastype: jachthond
  • Maat: Large
  • Energieniveau: Medium
  • Benodigde beweging: meer dan 2 uur

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